SOLID HUB Abseiling rescue device with lift function


A strong abseiling rescue device with a lift function for up to two persons. The abseiling and rescue device SOLID HUB with a lift function is used to rescue people at heights, on rope tracks and industrial climbers. It is suitable for working at great heights, in climbing parks, and is ideal for rescuing several persons quickly. The abseiling and rescue device SOLID HUB can be used for both as shuttle service and also as a rescue tandem. The abseiling process can be regulated with eyebolts and stopped at any time using a jam cleat. Loads of up to 225 kg (two persons) can be lifted with the handwheel. The handwheel can also be operated with a cordless screwdriver to facilitate lifting. The handwheel is equipped with a hinged crank and compensation weight. Other versions available on request.

SOLID HUB01 without crank


SOLID HUB02 with crank


  • Brake system: automatic, redundant brake system with two centrifugal brakes, brake drums made of steel
  • Karabiner: TWISTLOCK karabiner, other versions on request
  • Connection cordless screwdriver: hex
  • Handwheel lifting device
  • 3 eyebolts
  • Housing and attachment made of steel, aluminium body for heat dissipation
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Abseiling speed: 0.8 m/s
  • Rope: ⍉ 9.0 mm static KM
  • Max. allowed abseiling height: 300.0 m
  • Max. allowed lifting height: 300.0 m
  • Max. load-bearing capacity: 225.0 kg
  • Rope lengths: 10.0 m, 20.0 m, 30.0 m, 40.0 m, 50.0 m, 60.0 m, 70.0 m, 80.0 m, 90.0 m, 100.0 m, 150.0 m, 200.0 m