RAILSTOP RS S05 Arrester device


The fall arrester RS S05 sets new standards in terms of safety and ergonomics! 2 redundant safety catches immediately prevent falls caused when a person slides from the ladder, even under horizontal force.
2 separate attachment points on the full body harness at hip height and chest height maintain the ergonomically perfect climbing support via the pelvic padding of the harness.
This reduces the risk of an accident caused by physical exertion. In the event of a fall, it prevents the upper body from tilting forward, which can have fatal consequences. After the fall, the body remains in a supported position.


Proven technology

  • There are more than 50 000 of these devices in use across the world, proving their value
  • Ball-bearing, low-friction rollers for effortless climbing
  • No precision mechanics – suitable for rough environments – easy inspection
  • Effortless climbing with the central abdominal belt is still possible

Arrester device RS S05




  • Material: Aluminium corpus
  • Separate safety catches for falls and tilting
  • Optionally with safety hooks FS51 or karabiners with TWISTLOCK PLUS fastener and SWIVEL connection
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Max. no. of users: 1 person, min. 50 kg, max. 150 kg