PYTHON Energy absorber line


Used for safety when working in exposed situations (e.g. safety when cleaning windows or for intermediate securing when crossing e.g. from the vertical-fall-arresting equipment to the roof). Ideally suited for use in rough conditions with heavy mechanical loads.
The energy absorber line PYTHON P02 stands out thanks to its innovative energy absorbing properties, which no longer depends on the very vulnerable rope friction or the tearing of a tape/seam. The PYTHON P02 works by absorbing the energy and distributing it along the entire length of the energy absorber line! Therefore, it has been possible to make this product very compact and handy.
It has been possible to reduce the braking path by approx. 33 % resulting in a shorter arresting path and the rope protection equipment can now be used even at lower heights. Standard fall 100 kg, fall factor 2.

Type P02/51/90 1,0 m


Type P02/51/90 1,5 m


Type P02/51/90 2,0 m


  • Special energy absorbing webbing
  • Safety hook FS51
  • Optionally safety hook FS51 or hook clamp FS90, FS92 or FS110
  • Colour: Black/yellow
  • Weight with FS90: 900 g, 1015 g, 1130 g
  • Lengths: 1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m