History, milesones and products


BORNACK Milestones

As a pioneer in rope protection systems, BORNACK has set standards in Germany. Our product range is continuously upgraded and expanded, always with an eye to the needs of our customers. Today, the BORNACK Group is one of Europe’s market leaders thanks to its broad product range, numerous patents and integrated rope protection concepts.

2014: 50th company anniversary

The family-run medium-sized company celebrates with long-standing customers, partners and employees.

2013: ISO 9001:2008

In addition to internal quality checks and production audits by external testing bodies, BORNACK is also certified to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard!

2012: NEW company headquarters

The BORNACK headquarters including the engineering division, warehouse, sales and administration move into the company’s new site in Ilsfeld.

2011: Chairman of the advisory board of A+A in Düsseldorf

Klaus Bornack becomes the chairman of the world’s largest exhibition for occupational safety.

2009: Permanent securing SAFE LINK SSB

The system recognises the correct anchor point and ensures uninterrupted securing – for guaranteed maximum safety.


The new arrester device generation: RAILSTOP RS S05 is a fully redundant system. Thanks to its two securing functions, it guarantees the user more than twice the safety.

2007: PYTHON shock absorber line with energy conversion

New shock absorber line PYTHON P02. Energy is absorbed by converting it along the entire length of the shock absorber line.

2006: HOCHWERK – the training centre moves

This former power plant is an indoor facility for training persons who work at heights. Various work situations at different heights up to 35 meters can be simulated on more than 3000 square meters.

2005: Inclusion of the brand SALA-Systems

thanks to wider cooperation with CSG.

2005: New product – RESCUE CHUTE

This allows simple and fast escape from tanks through horizontally positioned manholes.

2004: RAILSTOP –

First arrester device with limited fall energy RAILSTOP RS S02.

2003: New product –

Range of harnesses for the intervention field 2-part chest-sit harness combinations ATTACK and AIR RESCUE.

2003: Product line switchover

The entire product line is switched to PROFI TEC kernmantel ropes.

The brand PROTECTA rope protection

is integrated into the BORNACK FALLSTOP product range thanks to cooperation with CSG.

2002: New product

First sharp edge-protected anchoring loop SEP.

First air rescue rope

for equipping air rescue helicopters.

2001: Training centre

Development of the training centre in Marbach am Neckar.

2000: Foundation of


New product

First abseiling unit and double-stop function.

1997: Product range PROMAN

Start of the special equipment program PROMAN: professional winches for passenger elevation for rescuing and workplace positioning.

1996: Foundation of BORNACK France

and the TRAINING division.

1996: Key rope-based guided-type fall arresters project

equipment for first key project with rope-based guided-type fall arresters: 27 masts up to 200m high on transmission towers, 60 masts in overhead line systems etc.

1995: Dohna branch

Own offices opened in Dohna/Dresden.

1995: First product line

First product line of safety ropes with kernmantel technology.

1994: First manually-regulated abseiling rescue device

with an integrated lifting function for rescuing persons.

1992: Development of a nationwide

network of BORNACK sites in Germany to provide support to customers on site.

1990: First vertical rope-based guided-type fall arresters.

1990: Foundation of the engineering company SAFEPOINT Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

as a fill-range supplier of made-to-measure securing systems. The portfolio includes the planning, production and assembly of stationary anchor points.

1988: Development of an integrated securing concept

for elevated workplaces together with the DEUTSCHEN BUNDESPOST (DTAG).

1986: BORNACK is the first company to replace

the DIN 5290 hook with the automatically secured FALLSTOP safety hook.

1983: New product

First mobile anchor device for building sites: BEGU, an anchor point without a fixed anchor. Works based on mass inertia.

1982: New product

First full body harness with sternal attachment (front D-ring).

1981: New product

BORNACK introduces the first anchor device system (safety tensioning cable) LATCHWAYS onto the safety market.

1980: New managing director

After the death of Herbert Bornack, Klaus Bornack is the sole company owner and managing director and manages the BORNACK Group.

1979: New product

First energy absorber for ergonomic impact force limitation in case of falls.

1978: New product

First full body harness (safety harness) in cooperation with PROTECTA.

1975: New product

introduction of the ROLLGLISS rescue system for industrial applications.

1973: BORNACK cooperates with PROTECTA

in France for production and sales.

1970: One of the first specialist companies

for occupational safety in Germany. Founded by Herbert Bornack.

1964: FALLSTOP AK is the first rope shortening device in the world

1964: Foundation of the company BORNACK

Herbert Bornack founds a two-man sales office for rope safety equipment, building products and waste composting systems.