System supplier for integrated rope protection


For more than 50 years BORNACK has developed integrated rope protection concepts. We supply first rate complete packages for safe working at heights and depths. All our concepts are systematically structured from the risk analysis, through planning, installation, training, service and repairs.

BORNACK develops individual solutions for every safety problem. The starting point for every task is a careful analysis of the special requirements of our customers.

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Made-to-measure rope protection for industrial and commercial applications


FALLSTOP SAFETY has a well thought-out and extensive range of first rate rope protection products and systems for industrial and commercial applications, be it for towers, masts, wind turbines, sloped or flat roofs, tanks, shafts or enclosed spaces. Our protection equipment meets the strictest of quality requirements: We not only focus on intelligent designs and optimised ergonomics, we also guarantee that only the best materials and state-of-the-art production equipment is used.


The FALLSTOP SAFETY program includes

Safety and rescue harnesses • Securing ropes and systems • Rescue and abseiling devices • Height securing devices • Karabiners and safety hooks • Mobile lashing systems • Rope protection sets • Tripods • Person winches and winch arms • Rescue chutes


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Rescue service safety


The FALLSTOP RESCUE program specifically targets rescue forces, fire services and the police. Our work begins where standardised occupational safety ends and where there may be no limits to how to cope with situations efficiently and often pragmatically. We offer integrated solutions that are oriented to the complex and extreme requirements of these operations.


The FALLSTOP RESCUE program includes

Safety and rescue harnesses • Height securing devices • Abseiling devices • Dog harnesses • Fire service device sets • Air rescue systems • Tripods


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Complete equipment package for climbing parks


FALLSTOP ADVENTURE is the most popular equipment supplier for climbing parks in Germany. We are the only company that offers park operators a full range including services such as consulting, installation, training and maintenance. The consistent safety of the climbing park visitors is our top priority. A further point of focus is the durability and easy operation of the securing systems.


The FALLSTOP ADVENTURE program includes

Conception and planning • Installation • Harnesses • Cowtails • Karabiners • Rolls of rope • Safety net systems • Securing systems • Maintenance and repair • Briefing employees • Training


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Professional work on ropes


FALLSTOP ROPE ACCESS is a reliable partner for designing safe workplaces at heights. For years we have been examining the special requirements of rope-supported work at heights. As a system supplier, we have a first rate all-round package for rope-supported work: consulting, protection equipment, height access technology and training courses certified to the international standard IRATA.


The FALLSTOP ROPE ACCESS program includes

Equipment and training for free working on ropes • Securing ropes and systems • Hardware and accessories • Three-level professional training according to IRATA


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Stationary securing systems for architecture and industry


SAFEPOINT develops made-to-measure stationary securing systems for all architectural elements and industrial facilities such as silos, radio masts, telecommunication towers and wind turbines. Our high quality SAFEPOINT systems allow workers safe access to difficult-to-reach or risky points in high places.  A further advantage: they are designed for optimum integration into every building design or environment.


SAFEPOINT stands for excellent all-round  support: we realise integrated rope protection concepts based on modern safety technology. Every stationary securing device is made-to-measure based on designs developed by our experienced team of structural, safety and construction engineers.


The SAFEPOINT program includes

Risk analysis and consulting • Conception and planning • Statics and calculations • Production and delivery • Installation • Maintenance and repairs • Training


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Professional training for working at heights


BORNACK is the largest and oldest training organisation offering courses for safe working at heights and depths. One of our special concerns is the qualified training of the users. We focus on the special needs of our customers and offer numerous standard courses all year round, as well as individual training courses. Our in-depth courses combine practical training with comprehensive theory units.


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Support, inspection, repair


FALLSTOP SERVICE offers a comprehensive range of services. We work with our customers to draw up risk analyses and develop individual rescue concepts. We offer qualified equipment and device testing and carry out professional repairs. This ensures the functional capability of our products.